Today on All Revved Up! Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett Pricediscuss Starbucks' short-lived attempt to serve up a conversation on race.

Rev. Irene Monroe framed her POV by citing one of her favorite tweets on the topic: "I can't teach 400 years of oppression and have time to make my train." Rev. Irene Monroe went on to say that the best place to talk about diversity is theStarbucks boardroom, where most of the leadership is white.

Rev. Emmett Price thought it was a great idea. "The goal was to initiate the opportunity to have the conversation about race if you wanted to have that conversation."

Jim Braude then did some role playing (Jim as barista, the revs as customers), asking both  Rev. Irene Monroe and Rev. Emmett Price how that  conversation would play out. To hear what direction they each took the hypothetical discussion in, listen below: