• The Tsarnaev trail continues today, and after admitting his guilt in the opening statements, we wonder if he is likely to take the stand, and if he does, if he'd change your mind.
  • We sit down with medical ethicistArt Caplanto talk about the consequences of the Affordable Care Act being gutted, Warren Buffett's diet of coke and potato chips, doctors accommodating parents schedules when it comes to vaccinations, and the new push for head transplants? [29:10] >>Read more here.
  • Then Renee Landersgives her take as the Affordable Care Act returns to the Supreme Court. We get her read on Wednesday's oral arguments. Then we talk to you to get your take. [53:08]
  • Alex Beam gives us the low down on the Clinton portrait everyone is talking about, how often you should be showering and what is going on with the whole "no poo" movement in hair care plus a new move in Brattleboro to welcome a youth vote. Then we see what you think. [1:39:10]
  • Corby Kummertells us why food waste has become a major problem in the United States, dishes on the new edible coffee cup, and wonders in restaurants if the customer is always right?>>Read more here. OR >>Download our podcast here. [2:24:21]