• Yesterday we went all-in on our blizzard coverage, talking to everyone from Harvey Silverglate, to Governor Charlie Baker, to you. Today we began our show with Nantucket Police Chief, William Pittman, who updated us on how things are going on the Island. Then, we asked listeners what snow they were still seeing on the streets.
  • We talked to The Globe's Brian McGrory about storm coverage, and asked about the editorial process of covering monster storms. [26:08]
  • Next, Juliette Kayyem shared her thoughts on storm coverage. She analyzed the White House drone situation, and other drone-related security issues. [53:04]
  • We talked to medical ethicist, Art Caplan, about 'anti-vaxxers,' Medicaid, and sitting being the new smoking. Then we got your take on standing desks and other tools to keep us upright. [1:19:58]
  • Then we got back to our storm postgame. We got Sue O'Connell's take, and asked for yours. [2:23:07]