• Ground truth's Charlie Sennottjoins Jim and Margery to shed some light on why there has been so little coverage of the Boko Haram massacres, and why people in the Arabic world are the biggest victims of Muslim Extremism.
  • The Herald's Peter Gelzinis, and The Globe's Joan Vennochi and Jim O'Sullivan stop by to talk politics, state and local, including the Boston 2024 Olympic bid. [23:40]
  • It's Marin Luther King Junior Day, we look back on Dr. King's dream of a "beloved community" by considering the idea of mandatory national service. Then we ask you what you think. [53:10]
  • TV guru, Bob Thompson, weighs in on Woody Allen's new show for Amazon, Colbert's long sabbatical, the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld, and HBO's documentary about a documentary about the Nazi concentration camps called "Night Will Fall." [1:19:43]
  • Our favorite reverends, Irene Monroe and Emmett Price IIIjoin us to celebrate Martin Luther King day, dig into the I-93 protests, and look forward to how they seem race relations in 2015. Then we ask you what you think. [1:44:50] >>Read more here.
  • Shira Springer sits down with us to puzzle out the Olympics, and highlight an infuriating story about women's athletics. [2:07:26]