Next week, on Election Day, we're trying out a new feature where we revisit classic films and ask you: does it still hold up?  Film critic Garen Daly will lead he charge with our inaugural movie, the 1972 political satire The Candidate.

In 1972 film critic Vincent Canby wrote: "The Candidate is a loaded movie. It simplifies political processes….. It is also, at heart, extremely glib and gloomy but no more glib and gloomy, I think, than it has an inalienable right to be under the current circumstances."

Does The Candidate speak to today's current circumstances? That's what we'll be asking you on November 4th.

The Candidate makes it on to almost every  political movies top ten list. It scores a 95%on Rotten Tomatoes. With only a week to watch it you can find it on Netflix, streaming on Amazon, or you can watch it herefor free if you don't mind ads and buffering issues.