As we reported last month, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that a team of archaeologists had discovered one of two ships from a doomed Arctic expedition 160 years ago. At the time, the searchers weren't sure if they'd found British Capt. Sir John Franklin's HMS Erebus or the HMS Terror.

Now, Harper says the archaeologists have determined which one: "I am delighted to confirm that we have identified which ship from the Franklin expedition has been found. It is in fact the HMS Erebus," he said in Parliament, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The ship from the 19th century expedition was found in Nunavut — Canada's northernmost territory. Both the Erebus and Terror were icebound during the expedition that left England in 1845 in an attempt to chart an unnavigated portion of the Northwest Passage.

The CBC says that Franklin, who commanded the expedition from Erebus, "is believed to have been on the ship when he died."

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