Independent candidates Evan Falchuk and Jeff McCormick joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio. Highlights include:

Evan Falchuk


Jeff McCormick 

  • On his economic plan: "Job growth needs to come from small business, and you've got to create a friendlier environment and also a cheaper environment in which for them to operate. You've got to lower the cost of healthcare. That's absolutely imperative. You have to lower the cost of energy if you want to create manufacturing jobs here. You have to have Beacon Hill be a much friendlier business partner and not look at business as the enemy, because they're not."
  • On casinos: "Casinos are job killers. A third of the revenues come from addicted gamblers. Tthere's a lot of societal problems that come along with casinos as you well know: drug abuse, crime, DUIs. But I also believe we need to take our communities seriously and develop real, lasting jobs there. Casinos, let's face it: they're a band-aid, they're a big band-aid. Also lottery revenues are going to go down, so virtually ever community around the Commonwealth, they're are going to get hit with local aid. That's a problem. That's fire, police, teachers."