Peat the kitten quickly made a name for himself at the Glenturret Distillery in Scotland.

Officially, his job was to kill the mice attracted to the grain used in the making of whisky. And he had big paws to fill. One of his predecessors at the distillery, Towser the Mouser, is in the Guinness Book of World Records, credited with killing 28,899 mice.

There aren't many mice around the distillery anymore, but the photogenic Peat has been warming hearts with his appearances in public relations photos for Scotland's oldest distillery.

So much so that NPR featured Peat in a story Tuesday about the role that felines have played at distilleries over the years.

But on Wednesday, Glenturret announced that Peat had died after he was found on the side of the road Monday. He was apparently hit by a car, according to the distillery.

NPR wasn't aware of Peat's accident until the distillery made the announcement Wednesday.

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