Singer songwriter Ledisi has had eight Grammy nominations, and says she is grateful for that. "I would like to win, but it will happen when its time."

For more than 10 years, Ledisi has garnered an international fan base while striving to grow her musical abilities.

On her latest album, The Truth, the New Orleans native opens her heart and talks about how she had to face the truth about a failing relationship. But the album is far from being a collection of downtrodden songs. For "The Truth" Ledisi breaks away from her trademark ballads and tries her hand at more upbeat tracks with tongue-in-cheek names such as, "That Good Good."

Ledisi recently spoke with Tell Me More guest host Celeste Headlee about why she wanted to expose her love life and what she learned in the process.

SeparatorWhy creating this album was a scary processIt's even more personal than any of the albums. I mean I am talking about not being in denial anymore about a relationship that wasn't working and it was a long relationship. And, I am putting it all out there. I usually do, but this is my love life, to me that's personal. Gaining success or wishing for success in my career and how I feel and how I feel about that is another thing; I don't mind that being out there.

Letting go of a failing relationship

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