• Charlie Chieppo and Shannon O'Brien joined Jim and Margery for BPR's Monday politics segment. They talked about the ongoing immigration controversy, the conviction of former Probation Department head John O'Brien, and the gubernatorial race.
  • Tom Trainor — recently fired Market Basket worker — joined Jim and Margery by phone to talk about his former company's Monday deadline for workers to return to work.
  • All Revved Up! Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price IIItalked about the long, contentious stand of St. Frances X. Cabrini, the Scituate church shut down by the Boston Archdiocese whose members still maintain vigil — in protest — a decade later.
  • What does your handshake say about you? Jim and Margery talked about a new study that showed a fist bump is less "germy" than a normal handshake. What would it say if you went for the fistbump every time? What do you make of people with light handshakes, or ultra-firm grips?
  • Garen Daly — film critic and mastermind behind the forthcoming documentary The Orson Welles Complex — looked at the portrayal of priests in film.