Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam returned to Studio Three on Thursday for his regular Open Mic segment with Margery Eagan and Jim Braude. Today's subject: why more posh people should go to prison.

"It brings out the best in these people," Beam said. 

In his article published in the Globe Thursday, Beam wrote that celebrities in prison can draw attention to the flaws in the penal system that the testimonies of ordinary people just don't. He noted that Martha Stewart and Canadian media mogul Conrad Black became very involved in advocating for prison reform during their respective stints behind bars.

Boston-raised Piper Kerman, who wrote the memoir that would eventually inspire the Netflix series "Orange Is The New Black", tutored inmates during her time serving a drug trafficking sentence and recently testified about the abuse of solitary confinement before the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

You can follow Beam on his website or via Twitter. Listen to his take on why we should send more high class people to prison below: