It’s a complicated geopolitical whoddunit that could have been plucked straight out of  John le Carré's imagination.

A political leader celebrated for brokering peace among political foes gets arrested for a murder that happened  over 40 years ago and the arrest is based on information that was suppose to remain under lock and key.

This is the real life story of  Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams.

Today marks his third day in custody as he faces questions about one of the murders of the Northern Ireland Troubles – the kidnapping and killing of Jean McConville.

Today on Boston Public Radio Emily Rooney and Jim Braude opened the show by going over the latest developments surrounding Gerry Adams' arrest.

Listening online from their home in County Louth, Ireland,  Anthony McIntyre--who was the main researcher of the Oral History project at Boston College-- and his wife US citizen Carrie Twomey were compelled to call in. To hear their take on Boston College's role in Gerry Adams' arrest listen here