You can see the video here. New Delhi Television calls it "an indication of increased conflicts between man and animal."

In the footage, a leopard is seen bursting through roof tiles of a one-story building in the central city of Chandrapur, Maharashtra, about 400 miles east of Mumbai.

NDTV says:

"In one instance a man is badly mauled on the rooftops. A crowd of men armed with rods can be seen running helter and skelter as the leopard turns on its attackers. According to reports the animal was eventually captured by the forest department and subsequently released into the wild."

The announcer says "the Forest Department has now caught the leopard and released it in the wild, but we don't know if it was badly injured."

The incident comes amid a rash of incidents involving leopards and people, both in Chandrapur and elsewhere in India, according to NDTV:

"An 8-year-old girl was killed by a leopard in Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. Another leopard was found dead in a well in the Chandrapur area one day ago. Yet another leopard killed two people within three hours ... in Chandrapur [last week]."Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit