• The CDC reported this week that obesity for kids two to five years old dropped precipitously — 43 percent over the past decade. Jim and Margery  spoke with Tufts Univeristy's Dr. Christina Economos  about why this might be, and whether we've turned the corner in the fight against fat.
  • Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory joined Jim and Margery for another edition of Ask the Editor.
  • Do college roommates influence each other? Does the right roommate make you study harder? Jim and Margery looked at a New York Times piece by Dr. Perri Klass about the 'roommate contagion' effect.
  • Wendy Murphy was the guest for Open Mic. She talked about college sex assault and the ongoing troubles at the state's Department of Children and Families. Murphy is a professor at New England Law Boston, and the author of And Justice For Some.
  • Are you suffering serious Downton Abbey withdrawals? Jim Braude and Margery Eagan have the cure for your post-finale blues. Jim and Margery enlisted Corby Kummer and Jonathon Alsop for a fully immersive food-and-wine experience. Kummer is a food writer for  The Atlantic, and he examined  The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook. Alsop runs the  Boston Wine School, and he reviewed the official  Downton Abbey wine collection.