You know you're onto something good when you  circumnavigate your destination and end up in a far more interesting place.

That happened today on Open Mic. We were aiming to talk to Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn about minimum wage, instead we maximized our time with her by discussing the new CEO of GM. That conversation got us talking about the government bailout of the auto industry and from there Koehn analyzed the purpose of self-doubt. Too much can be paralytic. Using it as a form of self-awareness, however, can be very constructive.  And it all came to a full circle, quite literally, when Boston Public Radio hosts Jim and Margery assuaged Koehn's own self-doubt about her homemade Oreo cookies.

To hear Koehn on women in the corner office, how Steve Jobs and Rachel Carson used self-doubt to change the world, and why she believes in giving out home baked indulgences, listen here: