The score Sunday night was:

Boston Red Sox 4; St. Louis Cardinals 2.

Which means the World Series is:

Tied at two games apiece.

The big moment Sunday:

Came in the sixth inning, when Boston outfielder Jonny Gomes hit a three-run homer.

The big mistake:

Came in the ninth inning, when St. Louis pinch runner Kolten Wong took too big a lead off first base and was picked with a throw from Boston pitcher Koji Huehara. That ended the game with the potential tying run at bat. On Twitter, Wong tells Cardinals fans that "I'm sorry ... I go out everyday playing this game as hard as I can and leaving everything on the field."

Wong's mistake means that for the second night in a row, there was (in the words of NPR's Tom Goldman) an "are you kidding me?" ending:

Saturday's game, as we reported, finished like no other World Series game ever has, apparently — with umpires saying that Boston third baseman Will Middlebrooks had obstructed St. Louis' Allen Craig on the basepath. The umps then ruled that Craig was safe at home plate, giving the Cardinals a 5-4 win.

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