The Milford Police Department is bringing a high-tech upgrade to their 911 service. 

The technology, called Smart911, lets residents go online and provide important information about their household that will be available to emergency responders.  

“They can provide us with information specific to their address, parking number for instance, medical information, so they can provide us with a wealth of information that’s helpful to paramedics and other first responders,” said Milford Police Chief Tom O’Laughlin.

The Smart911 technology, made by Framingham-based Rave Mobile Safety, is rapidly expanding across the county. Milford is the first community in the state to bring the service online.

O’Laughlin said the system was designed with concerns about protecting personal information in mind.

“We don’t have any of that information resident here at the police department,” O’Laughlin said. “We only receive it when you dial 911. As soon as the 911 call is complete, and we close out that particular incident, that information is wiped off of our system.”