Weird headline, right? But in case you were wondering, Britain's royal website says:

-- Prince Charles has not asked that seven eggs be boiled for his breakfast, only to eat just the one that pleases him most. He's never done that "at breakfast or any other time."

-- His wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, "gave up smoking many years ago."

-- The prince's "Jaguars, Audi and Range Rover have been converted to run on 100 percent biodiesel made from used cooking oil, and his 40-year-old Aston Martin to run on 100 per cent bioethanol made from waste wine."

Apparently, those are among the "frequently asked questions" that the royals felt needed answering.

The website also "seeks to address 26 charges made against Prince Charles and his wife — amongst them the suggestion that he has too many staff, is an advocate of medically unproven homeopathic treatments and interferes in government policy," The Telegraph writes.

The claim about the prince and his eggs was reported back in 2006 by Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman in the book On Royalty,

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