There have been times in American history when lifestyles changed so dramatically that the very products that shape our lives had to be completely rethought.

One of those times was the mid-1940s, when millions of returning veterans wanted houses — and builders like Bill Levitt began to understand the power of mass producing homes in the suburbs. 

As in the mid-1940s, today we see a fundamental shift in the way families are constructed, the way globalism alters desires, and how consumers consume.

Harry West has made a living of being ahead of that curve. As the CEO at Continuum, he helped companies rethink everything from their consumer packaged goods to their central banking model.

He joins us to discuss the art of anticipation and why he thinks globalism will continue to influence what we think we need.

Harry West,  CEO of Continuum, a company based in Boston with offices from Los Angeles to Shanghai to Milan