If nothing else, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has apparently done President Obama a favor.

His Honor's proposed ban on the sale of supersized sugary fountain drinks in his city made the mayor, at least for some, the epitome of Big Government excess, a place many critics, particularly conservatives, typically reserve for the Obama.

Actually, some Bloomberg critics on social media did detect a nanny state axisbetween Bloomberg and Obama and warned that Bloomberg's proposal could be a vision of the future under Obama.

As far as they were concerned, first nanny staters came with their individual mandate in the health care law. Then came the Big Gulp ban. Could forcing people to eat broccoli be next?

The Weekly Standard's Mark Hemingway wrote:

"Is it possible for New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg to be considered both a fascist and a national laughingstock?"... Prediction: The first presidential candidate out of the gate condemning Bloomberg will probably reap a fair amount of positive media coverage, to say nothing of making inroads with voters. I didn't think anything would make Mountain Dew A.M. seem appetizing, but now it tastes like freedom."

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