Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- Tens Of Thousands Expected Today At Florida Rally For Trayvon Martin.

-- The Arguments Begin: Supreme Court Takes Up Health Care Starting Today.

-- It's 'Unbelievable To Me,' Says Wife Of Army Sgt. Accused In Afghan Killings.

-- Is GOP Race At 'Tipping Point' Or Destined To Keep Going?

-- Tragedy In West Virginia: Child Is Ninth Victim Of House Fire.

Other stories in the news:

-- China, U.S. Agree To Coordinate Reponse To 'Potential Provocation' If North Korea Launches Long-Range Rocket. (BBC News)

-- "Obama To Medvedev: No Missile Deal Before Election." (The Wall Street Journal)

-- "Cheney Operation Underscores Heart Transplant Issues." (Shots)

-- Final Four Is Set: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville and Ohio State. (Morning Edition)

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