It's just an update, but people made lines in cities around the world to buy Apple's latest incarnation of the iPad.

Look at this line outside an Apple store in London:

And this scene at a Manhattan Apple store:

NPR's David Folkenflik was in New York City and he filed this report for our Newscast unit:

"In Manhattan, lines wrapped full city blocks at Apple Stores last night as fans waited to buy the new device in person — and that's just for an upgrade on the iPad."Selvon Belgrave is 31 and owns his own limousine service. He also owns the iPad 2, for that matter, but he could hardly wait to get the new one."'There's a lot of difference for this versus the old one,' he said. 'This one, it's got a camera — you can Skype — that's a major thing for me. I love Skyping. I haven't even opened the thing yet to explore. So When i open it up tonight i will do my best see the difference.'"But he's so excited, he doesn't even need to know."'Dude, I don't even need... It's Apple, man, what can i say. It's Apple,' he said."Again, it's just an update. But Apple's stock briefly exceeded $600 a share on Thursday in anticipation of its release."

Computer World reports the same thing happened in Boston, but in Huntington, New York the Apple excitement was also met with protest.

A few people from protested the poor working conditions at Chinese factories manufacturing Apple products.

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