The American journalist killed while on assignment in Syria was laid to rest in New York today.

At a ceremony in Oyster Bay, New York, Marie Colvin, who worked for the British paper The Sunday Times, was remembered as an "outstanding reporter" who took risks because she thought what she did was important.

The AFP reports:

"The eulogy paid tribute to a woman who 'trusted life' and 'had a passion for her work.'"'Blessed are you Mary for your courage to be a voice to the voiceless,' a priest said, underlining that Colvin took huge risks to deliver on her passion."Another prayer was said 'for the many people who live in hunger and violence, especially those who live in Syria.'"

This has been a long journey for Colvin's body. It was trapped inside the besieged city Homs for almost a month, before the Syrian Red Crescent was able to receive permission to retrieve it.

The funeral was followed by a cremation ceremony in Oyster Bay, where the 56-year-old Colvin grew up.

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