Executive Session is not a single group but essentially a concept created by flute-player Michael "Skip" McKinley. While it has had many different iterations over the years, its repertoire, arrangements, and overall spirit are consistently shaped by McKinley himself, and create an exciting blend of mainly Irish traditional music with some American roots thrown in.

Born in Missouri, McKinley stepped into the Boston music scene in 1977 and quickly became an intrinsic part of the thriving Irish session community. In 1981, he won both the solo and trio All-Ireland competitions in New York and performed with the Lewis Family and Martin Hayes at the Festival Interceltic in L'Orient, France. Major influences to McKinley's style have been the flute and piping traditions of County Clare.

In this segment from A Celtic Sojourn: Live at the Boston Public Library, McKinley is joined by fiddler Dan Foster, and guitarist/singer Greg Bacon. It was originally broadcast live on Saturday, May 11th, 2019.