Each year for A Christmas Celtic Sojourn in Boston, music director Seamus Egan and producer Brian O’Donovan collaborate on an opening piece. This is designed to set the atmosphere for the rest of the show will featuring all of its constituent content. Often, a poem is used over an slow piece of music evocative of the season. The piece changes pace regularly building into a full-on ensemble often illustrative of Christmas music and reminiscent of a good old fashioned Christmas gathering in Ireland or Scotland. Mariel Vandersteel, Winifred Horan, Eamon McElholm, Seamus Egan, Chico Huff, Brian and Lindsay O’Donovan, Maureen McMullen, Moira Smiley, Maeve Gilchrist, The Harney Academy of Irish Dance and his wonderful dancers, as well as Deiterich Strauss, Jon De Lucia, and Tim Lewendowski on brass and woodwind.

This performance was recorded in December, 2013.