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MASTERPIECE 2021 Impact Report

On January 10, 1971, MASTERPIECE Theatre (now MASTERPIECE) premiered on PBS with The First Churchills, presented by the inimitable Alistair Cooke. Television would never be the same.

More than 50 years later, as our beloved series begins a new chapter of its storied history, we are delighted to share the enclosed MASTERPIECE Trust Impact Report, which details MASTERPIECE’s achievements in 2021. Today, with 75 million viewers watching, GBH’s award-winning drama series is reaching new generations of fans; acquiring stories that speak to the experience of people of color; cultivating a robust library of a podcast productions; and continuing to serve as one of PBS’s brand-defining programs.

As we look back on our golden anniversary year, we extend our deepest appreciation for your enduring support and commitment to the MASTERPIECE Trust. You have helped bring these many successes to bear. We are eternally grateful that you are part of our MASTERPIECE family, and that we are able to share the joys of this incredible milestone with you.

To the next 50!


Susanne Simpson Rebecca Eaton Emma Thomas
Executive Producer Executive Major Gifts Officer