Do you think you've found the love of your life? How do you know?

Boston Globe Love Letters advice columnist Meredith Goldstein joined Boston Public Radio on Monday to talk about season three of the Love Letters podcast which explores questions about when you've found 'the one.'

"I'm trying to get to the bottom of 'How do we know?' and inversely, 'How do we know when to go and not commit to someone for life?'" Goldstein said.

While every relationship is unique, Goldstein noticed a similarity among people who know they've found their lifelong partner.

"Just from doing Love Letters for 10 years, I feel like there's an inherent fear of missing out that humans have," Goldstein said. "If your fear of missing out is missing out on that person, that's a good way to know."

Meredith Goldstein is a lifestyle and entertainment writer and the Love Letters advice columnist for The Boston Globe, and host of it's companion Love Letters podcast. She also writes books. Her latest is the young adult novel: "Chemistry Lessons."