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Frequently Asked Online Audio & Video Questions

Frequently Asked Online Audio & Video Questions
  • How do I access your radio live stream?

    How can I listen live radio streams on
    You can listen to any of WGBH's radio stations live online at on any one of our pages throughout the web site. From any page, click on the play button at the top. Here you can access all of our live streams, including 89.7, WCRB, Jazz 24/7, WCAI and The Celtic Sojourn.

    In order to stream any content on our website, you must have the most up-to-date version of a supported web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer), as well as an updated version of the Adobe Flash plug-in.

    Can I listen to WGBH News Radio on iTunes Radio?
    Yes! 89.7 News Radio and 99.5 All Classical livestreams are both avilable on iTunes Radio. To access streams via iTunes, open iTunes and switch it to Radio. From there, you can search for 89.7 WGBH and Launch iTunes and in the navigation column, click on Radio.

    I have an internet radio that doesn't automatically tune to WGBH programs. How can I access your radio streams?
    Please copy and paste the corresponding link into your internet radio.

    89.7 WGBH:
    99.5 Classical New England:
    BSO Stream:
    Bach Stream:
    Boston Early Music Stream:

  • How do I access Passport and watch videos online?

    I already donated $60 this year, why do I need to make an additional gift to access Passport?
    No additional donation necessary! To get your activation code to activate Passport, contact Audience and Member Services.

    How do I watch Passport on my tablet/phone/TV?
    WGBH does not have an app at this time. Please download the PBS app onto your tablet, phone, or tv to watch Passport programs. Instructions on how to activate your television are found below:
    Amazon Firestick
    Apple TV
    Smart TV

  • I already have a Passport account, how do I sign in?

    Please sign in using the PBS profile login credentials you originally used when creating an account.

  • I'm trying to stream WGBH Radio, but I can't hear anything, what should I do?

    1. The most common reason for streaming difficulties with WGBH Radio is the use of an outdated web browser and media player. Check to see if you have an up-to-date, supported browser and media player. (Web browsers: Download Firefox for PC, Mac, or Linux; download Safari 4 for PC or Mac; download Internet Explorer 8 for PC. Media Player: Download Flash.)

    2. After installing an updated web browser and/or media player, be sure to restart your browser before tyring to listen to our streams.

    3. After clicking on a WGBH Radio stream you still can't hear anything, confirm your computer is not muted, speakers are on and the volume is turned up.

    4. If you are listening at work, your company may have a "firewall" enabled to securely protect its internal data. Sometimes your company's proxy settings may be set in such a way that they prevent external streaming sources from occurring. If this is the case, please contact the IT department of your company.

    5. It's possible your computer isn't set up properly to handle the file types used by our streams. This can be the case if you have recently installed or upgraded your media players. Seek professional advice before making any changes to your system. WGBH is not responsible for any changes you may decide to make to your computer set-up. These tips are intended as a guide only to help you diagnose any problem you may be having.

    6. If you are using a computer that is not connected to a firewall, read the help provided in your operating system concerning file type associations. To do this in Windows, go to Start > Help; click on the Search tab and type in "file type associations," click 'List topics,' select the relevant topic and read the advice provided. To do this in Mac OS, in the Finder, select the document and choose File > Get Info. In the Info window, click to show the "Open with" pane. Choose the application you want to use from the pop-up menu. If you want all documents that have the same file type as this one to open with the same application, click Change All.

    7. If all else fails, try restarting your computer