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Suzanne Zellner
Vice President, Corporate Sponsorship
Suzanne Zellner is WGBH’s Vice President of Corporate Sponsorship, overseeing the teams responsible for new partnerships and the expansion of existing ones. Zellner oversees the presentation of unique national and local sponsorship opportunities across all PBS stations and all of WGBH’s radio, television and digital platforms, finding innovative new ways to help sponsors connect with PBS and NPR audiences.

Zellner joined WGBH in 2003 to direct the Sponsorship Group for Public Television, which secures national corporate sponsors for signature PBS programs, including WGBH's own productions. She went on to supervise a newly consolidated department—Corporate Sponsorship—that unified WGBH's national sponsorship team with the regional sponsorship sales team for WGBH's TV and radio broadcasts, website and events.

Prior to joining WGBH, Zellner spent 20 years in sales and marketing management for print and digital sales. She is a member of the Boston Chamber Women’s Network Advisory Board, whose mission is to connect women of all career levels in order to strengthen their professional networks. Zellner holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication Marketing and Research, both from the State University of New York at Albany.

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