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The Paula S. Apsell GBH STEM Boston Public Schools Scholarship

2023 Applicants

The 2023 Paula S. Aspell/GBH STEM Boston Public Schools Scholarship will be granted to Boston Public School seniors who plan to study in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics at the college level.

Alanna Marte Headshot.JPG

Alanna Marte

High School: John D. O'Bryant High School
School: University of Pennsylvania
Studying: Nursing and Global Health

Alessia Martinez Headshot.jpg

Alessia Martinez

High School: Dearborn STEM Academy
School: Northeastern University
Studying: Neurobiology/ Pre-med

Daniela Acuna Headshot.JPG

Daniela Acuna

High School: Boston Latin Academy
School: Northeastern University
Studying: Computer Science

Gemima Germain Headshot.jpg

Gemima Germain

High School: Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
School: Wheaton College
Studying: Neuroscience

Janichka Nordeus headshot.jpg

Janichka Jean Nordeus

High School: Fenway High School
School: Boston University
Studying: Biology, pre-med

Jasmine Thompson headshot.jpeg

Jasmine Thompson

High School: Boston Latin Academy
School: University of Vermont
Studying: Biomedical Engineering

Jenessa Otabor Headshot.jpg

Jenessa Otabor

High School: Fenway High School
School: Howard University
Studying: Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Kalysha Melendez Hernandez

High School: Brighton High School

Kimora James Headshot.jpeg

Kimora James

High School: John D. O'Bryant High School
School: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Studying: Psychology

Philip Hoang Headshot.jpg

Philip Hoang

High School: John D. O'Bryant High School
School: Boston University
Studying: Data Science

2022 Recipients

The 2022 Scholarship was awarded to 7 graduates of the class of ‘22 from Boston public high schools with career plans across the STEM fields. We congratulate all the scholarship recipients and we’re pleased to have you meet them!

Sheldon Brown Picture.jpg

Sheldon Brown

High School: John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science
Attending: Wentworth Institute of Technology

Hadassah Bynoe photo.jpg

Hadassah Bynoe

High School: Another Course to College
Attending: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Olga Gjika Photo.JPG

Olga Gjika

High School: Excel High School
Attending: University of Massachusetts Boston

Matty Gross photo.jpg

Matty Gross

High School: John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science
Attending: Howard University

Marley Iralien photo.jpg

Marley Iralien

High School: Boston Latin Academy
Attending: Bryn Mawr

Lainie Louis-Jame Photo.jpg

Lainie Louis-Jame

High School: John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science
Attending: Tufts University

Ngima Sherpa Photo.jpg

Ngima Sherpa

High School: Brighton High School
Attending: Emmanuel College

2021 Recipients

Meet our past Scholarship Winners!

The 2021 Scholarship was awarded to 11 graduates of the class of ‘21 from Boston public high schools with career plans across the STEM fields.

The 2020 inaugural scholarship was awarded to 26 graduates of the class of 2020 from nine Boston public high schools with career plans across the STEM fields.

We congratulate all the scholarship recipients and we’re pleased to have you meet them!


Amal Salah


Biandie Trente Et Un


Brandon Ramos

James Williams

James Williams


Lourdes Garcia

Marwa Iqbal


Mich Kurt Magny

Olamide Hassan


Ruth Shiferaw

Sofia Liang


Stefania Yee

2020 Recipients


Suhayla Abdi

"I have always loved science and helping people, becoming a neuropsychologist would bring those passions together through a rewarding career. As a Somali-American, I have seen the huge stigma towards mental health in my community. I want to highlight the importance of addressing mental health."


Lunessa Charles

"By picking biology as my major, my plans will be underway for becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Babies represent happiness and joy to me and those are two things that motivate many to keep moving in life. Making a difference is really what counts when helping others."


Faith Cole

"I made the decision to pursue a nursing career with a focus on serving the elderly. This career will allow me to use the STEM interests of my mind as well as the compassions in my heart. A nursing career serving the elderly will be my mission."


Stefany Crisosto

"I was one of those little Latina girls that doubted I could ever be a doctor because I am not represented in this career field. I want to become an immunologist. My love for STEM has made me realize that I can do whatever I set my mind to."


Elidja Diakite

"My plan to study tech design would be to work with architects to re-design the projects and revolutionize neighborhoods and schools so people don’t feel like they are set up to fail. If I could even provide better education to those populations that would greatly allow for change."


Christina Exilhomme

"Growing up, I did not have a role model who was in the STEM field. Pursuing a career in healthcare will not only give more representation to women and people of color, but it will also help provide excellent care, and allow me to give back to the community."


Kyra Freeman

"I want to study mechanical engineering because I want to be a part of a team that makes innovative technologies that help people. It is important for women and minorities to be involved in STEM because they have the potential to make things that others would not have thought of."


Nhi Ha

"Getting access to STEM education is very important to me because all my passions are related to the STEM side. By having the opportunity to get STEM education, it will benefit me in broadening my views in computer science as a researcher or developer and have access to resources."


Maryan Hassan

Jared Hill

Jared Hill

"I will be the first of my family members to go into a STEM field. Diversity in the STEM workforce is especially vital because it expands the talent pool. Variety leads to improved problem-solving and critical thinking, both essential tools that are necessary to help our communities in almost every way."


Brian Kubinec

"My plan is to become an electrical engineer. I would love to innovate new technologies and improve the ones we have today. Learning concepts in the STEM field of study makes me focus on what must be improved on this planet for humans to live a happy and healthful life."


Mariano Majano

"A big challenge that’s affecting my community today is the lack of interest for STEM-related jobs, especially from ethnic minority students. I found engineering as an interesting career, and I was astonished by the role engineers have in helping their community, and that is something I view myself doing."


Rashad Brown Mitchell

"With an engineering degree my hope is to gain experience within nonprofit STEM-based companies in order to provide a sense of security for impoverished communities who have been marginalized. I hope to diversify the job market with students of color who are familiar with social injustices."


Kimi Nguyen

"STEM is such a big part of our world and it is only going to get bigger. More discoveries on how we can improve our society through STEM are being discovered every day. Everyone must have access to STEM education as the first step in changing this world."


Valerie Novoa

"By going into medicine, I want to be an example to my community that we can become anything we want with hard work and dedication, no matter how much we struggled. I want to be a part of organizations that help integrate more Hispanics into STEM fields."

Ashley Okoro

Ashley Okoro

"There aren't that many people that look like me in STEM, but I let it become a motivating factor. STEM allows me to integrate real world concepts into my everyday life. This is important as more individuals including people of color bring their knowledge and skills to improve the society."


Blessing Okoye

"My interest is in healthcare to take care of patients while improving my skills in communication, leadership, and self-advocacy. I think a challenge is we don’t spread enough positivity, kindness, affection, and most importantly sympathy. I want to be able to do that while working hard as a health professional."


Rickanya Paulissant

"Aviation science is one of the demanding fields that needs more women to be involved. I think my engagement will serve as a positive message. Women can bring out extraordinary accomplishments as long as they get the support. It is time to encourage women to seek their passions in STEM."


Julie Qiu

"My family has always struggled to translate and communicate to doctors. Experiencing this made me want to provide more help in their understanding of medical terms with the knowledge I have learned from my studies. I believe that society relies a lot on STEM careers, especially those in the medical field."


Yislayn Ramirez

"I want to become an engineer, thanks to the experience I had trying to find opportunities. It is important to me that this education is available. I aspire to help women and people of color who have not had the best access to high quality STEM education in their community."


Dejvi Rrapi

"Engineering doesn’t just fuel my interests but also gives me hope for the future. Across the world, new inventions improve the quality of life. Aside from being able to create something you want, engineering drives human advancement. Engineering is an opportunity not only to express yourself but also help others."


Jamar Sequeira

"I want to work in civil engineering or for a transportation engineering company so that I can create and sustain roads. It is important so that traffic can flow more efficiently. Sustainable roads can last a long time and they will be able to solve many problems that have been haunting people for years."


Jodiah Toney

"I am pursuing health science so I can become a physician asistant. When I was younger my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I knew that I wanted to help her and others with this illness. I also want to use my career to make a change in my community."

Melody Yetbarek

Melody Yetbarek

"I want to study psychology in hopes of changing the narrative of my community. I plan to use my skills and knowledge to understand more and help others, strengthening them with confidence and empathy, to work through their trauma and addictions, and break the vicious curse that is throughout our community."


Jinnatun Yousuf

“I want to pursue biochemistry, being from a culture where I have seen the stigma around how STEM is really complex and how a person shouldn’t pursue a career in STEM if the individual isn’t smart enough or not a straight A student. The actual meaning of equality only depends on intelligence and opportunity.”

Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang

"I want to be an oncologist and will be studying biomedical engineering. I opt to become part of the next generation of better bio-researchers who can provide accurate data, so the public is informed. Bio diseases affecting humans are inevitable, therefore it’s important to prepare ourselves, and to find cures."