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Election 2018

By WGBH Staff

Debates are critical to an informed citizenry, allowing voters to hear directly from the candidates—an approach we champion in public media. With a strong commitment to civil, civic discourse and without the limitations of commercial stations, we are able to host debates and cover election issues for less high-profile, but equally important races including state treasurer, attorney general and some primary races. In fact, by election day on November 6, 2018 WGBH and our sister station WGBY will together have hosted 12 debates spanning the Commonwealth.

In addition to the broad and deep coverage we’ve provided of the candidates and issues pertinent to this election, WGBH News set out to make it as easy as possible for voters to understand the 2018 ballot questions and their consequences, creating a comprehensive voter guide to answer the most important questions about each measure. We’re proud of the important role we play in empowering voters with in-depth knowledge while fostering citizenship and preparing people to play their important role in our democratic process.