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Basic Black 50

By Ellen London

Since 1968, Basic Black (formerly Say Brother) has reflected the concerns and culture of African Americans through conversations, performances and short-form documentaries. Now in its 50th season, Basic Black continues the tradition of capturing diverse stories and events that illuminate the cultural experience of people of color in the Boston area and beyond.

Basic Black is produced live every week in WGBH's Studio B featuring a panel of the region’s sharpest observers of the current news, events and topics impacting communities of color locally and nationally. As the city and the country are confronted with issues of racism, immigration, healthcare and other subjects, the stories and topics discussed on Basic Black are as relevant today as they were when the program began 50 years ago.

A show like Basic Black is one of a kind—a show that spans five decades of storytelling for the black community and other communities of color that discusses timely topics in a way other programs cannot.

To celebrate this momentous occasion and send the program into its next half-century, the team here at WGBH worked to refresh the show's set design and logo. Check out the evolution of the new logo (left) and explore the new set (below). Be sure to tune in to Basic Black Fridays at 7:30pm ET on WGBH-2 and engage with the live Friday broadcasts in real time on Facebook @BasicBlackWGBH.