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Emerging Platforms Initiative

The Emerging Platforms Initiative is a WGBH commitment to experiment with new forms of storytelling, on new platforms, for new audiences. The goal? To create fresh opportunities for WGBH producers and production units to understand and master innovative ways to expand our mission using the latest video formats.

Embracing shifting media habits

The amount of media that Americans are consuming is trending upward, yet the practice of traditional linear television viewing is in sharp decline, most notably among Americans under the age of 35. This attention is shifting to streaming media distributed by OTT devices, and apps that deliver programming on-demand. Much attention has been given to the shift to OTT and VOD, but public media has largely overlooked the platform online video viewing is shifting toward: mobile.

The rise of new video formats

Audiences are rapidly changing where and how they consume video content. The convention of programming for a “general audience” on TV is no longer applicable. Instead, storytellers can reach specific audiences with a smart platform strategy. Today, programming can be specific and intentional, with the opportunity to reach a highly-engaged niche audience.

This new media ecosystem no longer tolerates a single video populated across channels. Shot lists, aesthetics, video length and narrative structures vary depending on the platform. Along with emerging formats for traditional linear storytelling, such as live streaming, comes the rise of non-linear storytelling such as Stories, interactive programming, and augmented reality.

The Emerging Platforms Unit

A two-person Emerging Platforms Unit has been greenlit at WGBH, with the mandate to create original series for emerging video platforms, iterate quickly based on learnings and successes, and apply those learnings to our core business and programming. Initially, the Unit will create original shows and series, focusing heavily on what we learn from associated data and audience research, building our understanding around how viewers develop relationships and loyalty with a series' brand, personalities featured and the community around a series. As the initiative develops, the Unit will leverage successful tactics and take them to a new level alongside WGBH’s legacy programs.

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    Senior Producer

    WGBH is looking for a talented creator to lead a new pop-up unit within WGBH: the Emerging Platforms Unit. The Senior Producer will oversee the development of new video series for specific platforms and syndication partners, manage a budget and production schedule, and work closely with key stakeholders at WGBH to identify new opportunities and pitch original concepts.
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    WGBH is looking for a talented creator to fuel video production for a new pop-up unit within WGBH: the Emerging Platforms Unit. The Producer/Editor will work closely with the team’s Senior Producer to pitch, develop, shoot, edit and distribute well-reported, platform-specific stories and series.
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