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Emerging Platforms Initiative
Let's Reach New Audiences Where They Are

The emerging platforms initiative at WGBH is a commitment to experiment with new forms of storytelling on new platforms for new audiences. Our mandate is to create original series for emerging video platforms, iterate quickly based on learnings and successes, and apply those learnings to our core business and programming.

Are you a talented creator with experience producing for new distribution platforms and with new video formats? Are you eager to create video series with a focus on impact, instead of revenue? Have you been dying to test out your idea for a Twitch science series, or Snapchat literacy game? We're looking for an experienced producer to lead this new, dynamic team.

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    Senior Producer

    WGBH is looking for a talented creator to lead a new pop-up unit within WGBH: the Emerging Platforms Unit. The Senior Producer will oversee the development of new video series for specific platforms and syndication partners, manage a budget and production schedule, and work closely with key stakeholders at WGBH to identify new opportunities and pitch original concepts.
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    WGBH is looking for a talented creator to fuel video production for a new pop-up unit within WGBH: the Emerging Platforms Unit. The Producer/Editor will work closely with the team’s Senior Producer to pitch, develop, shoot, edit and distribute well-reported, platform-specific stories and series.
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Which platforms will we explore?

Of particular interest to this project is the rise of original video series hosted on social media platforms, which offer new opportunities for engagement and impact with our audiences. Channels for which we are interested in developing content include:

  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat Shows
  • Facebook Watch
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
The Emerging Platforms Initiative

Year 1: LEARN. The goal of the first year is to understand the formulas for success, establishing processes that allow us to quickly learn and iterate. We'll create original shows and series, focusing heavily on associated data to learn how social viewers react to, engage with, and develop loyalty to content. Each series will be produced for a different emerging platform, with at least one show/series developed for a youth audience (13-25) and one for a young adult audience (25-45).

Year 2: TEACH. The hallmark of this phase will be close collaboration with ongoing WGBH local and national programming, leveraging the successful tactics the team discovered in Year 1 and taking them to a new level by tapping into established fan bases. The team will continue to iterate by creating new limited series in parallel with their work with the series.

Year 3: SCALE. In our third year, we'll connect what we’ve learned to our existing and new audiences, and place strategic bets based on this knowledge. This is the year we integrate our new expertise and engaged audiences into WGBH’s core business and multichannel engagement strategy. The lessons from this phase will inform the way forward for original content production at WGBH.

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