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WGBH Education

The WGBH Education Department researches, creates and distributes media-integrated resources to support healthy development and educational impact for children and youth. We bring together engaging, popular programming with deep insights into child development, educational content and community dynamics. True to our public mission, we have a particular focus on underserved children and the adults who teach and care for them. Many of the educational materials developed at WGBH reside on PBS LearningMedia, a free digital service that supports Pre-K–12 educators and learners with compelling, standards-aligned educational media resources.

Guiding Principles

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WGBH Education has a long history of developing research-based education resources for early childhood and K-12, in STEM, social studies, social-emotional learning, and literacy, working in partnership with educators, researchers and the communities where these resources come to life.

First 8 Labs

Supporting children from birth to age 8 through mobile and hands-on learning. Learn more

PBS LearningMedia

Free, standards-aligned quality resources across subjects for PK-12 educators and learners. Learn more

Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms

A collaboration with NASA and educators for accessible earth and space science learning through digital media. Learn more

Design Squad Global

Empowering children to solve real-world problems, learn about design, and understand the impact of engineering in a global context. Learn more

Reach & Impact

Our work is driven by our mission to have impact on healthy development and educational outcomes for young people and the adults in their lives. Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished:

  • PBSLM.png

    PBS LearningMedia

    • More than 1 million monthly users.
    • 20 million students (estimated) reached through educators.
    • 85% of teachers say they’re likely to recommend PBS LearningMedia resources to peers.
  • Design Squad Global

    Design Squad Global

    • More than 500 clubs in 125 U.S. cities and 35 countries.
    • Both student and teacher Design Squad Global participants improved knowledge and attitudes toward engineering.
  • PEEP for Education

    Early Childhood & Elementary Education

    • Arthur Interactive Media Buddy Project student participants showed increased empathy and tolerance for others.
    • PEEP and the Big Wide World is effective at activating parents' and children's science interest enjoyment, and knowledge.
    • Our apps Early Math with Gracie & Friends and Early Science with Nico and Nor were proven to advance learning growth in a randomized control trial.

    For more details on our reach and impact, please contact us.
Our Partners

The strength of our impact lies in the partners who inform and co-design our materials, conduct research with us, implement and distribute our resources, and support our work through financial or other means. We’re proud to work with educators on resource development and through our educator ambassador program. The work of WGBH Education couldn’t happen without our partner organizations in Boston and in communities all across the country. Visit individual project pages to find more information on our partners.

News & Events

The work of WGBH Education only succeeds in partnership. We welcome your questions, comments, and interest. Please contact us at