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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Meet some of the leading women in the bartending industry. Just a day after competing in Speed Rack 2020, a national bartending competition for women aimed at creating community and raising money for those affected by breast cancer, they met at Atwood's Tavern to talk about the industry. The Tavern Talks series with Arjun Singh, hosted at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge, Mass., spotlights a wide array of guests, including journalists, authors, local politicians, artists, musicians and specialists of all sorts. Image: Pexels.com

Arjun Singh joined the Washington Post in 2020, as an audio producer focused on politics. Before joining the Post, Singh worked at the NPR affiliate WGBH in Boston, where he produced the show "Boston Public Radio," and reported on politics. At WGBH, Singh reported on the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, produced the first debate between Senator Ed Markey and Representative Joe Kennedy during the 2020 Massachusetts Senate race, and has written articles about state and local politics in Massachusetts and Boston.
World renowned bartender and bar manager **Naomi Levy ** is passionate about the tenets of hospitality and bringing them to a wider audience. She believes that hospitality can be a powerful tool no matter the industry. To her, it is more than what is done behind the bar, but a mindful way to conduct yourself in any situation. This philosophy has led her to immense success in her field.
**Hannah Rae Moore** is currently Bar Manager of Shore Leave. She is formerly of Bar Mezzana, Lord Hobo and Russell House Tavern. She also participated in Boston Roller Derby.
**Rachel Sholtes** is a service bartender at Shore Leaf. She has worked in the restaurant industry in Boston since moving to attend graduate school and studying gastronomy.