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What Is Health Care: A Public Or Personal Responsibility?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024
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Cambridge Forum takes a look at our current health care to see how it is changing. Ask anyone who has fallen off mainstream medical coverage and into the dark recesses of illness to discover what a scary place it is to land. Where is the good guidance, the support and infrastructure? As ever, not everyone has the same ideas about how to fix the broken system.

Susannah Fox’s solution has been tracking the expert networks of patients, survivors and caregivers who have witnessed the cracks in the system and come up with a way forward. Fox believes that the next wave of health innovation will come from the front lines of a “patient-led revolution in medical care” and she has written a book about this new trend, entitled REBEL HEALTH.

Everyone seems to agree on one thing – the dire shortage of doctors and professional carers available to patients. In an age of increasing techno-medicine, many feel that no amount of tech can replace hands-on care and human support. Everyone appears to want the latest treatment options, yet patients complain about the lack of personal interaction and compassion, according to Dr. Allen Sussman, author of SAVING THE ART OF MEDICINE. Sussman is a retired endocrinologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Washington.

They'll be joined by Alexandra Drane, Co-Founder and CEO of Archangels.

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Susannah Fox helps people navigate health and technology. She served as Chief Technology Officer for the US Department of Health and Human Services, where she led an open data and innovation lab. Prior to that, she was the entrepreneur-in-residence at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and directed the health portfolio at the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project.
Dr. Allen Sussman, is a retired endocrinologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Washington. He served as director of Alternative Medicine Services at Valley Medical Center working to systemize standards of practice within alternative medicine.
Alexandra is co-founder and CEO of ARCHANGELS. She co-founded Eliza Corporation (acquired by HMS Holdings Corp: HMSY), Engage with Grace, and three other companies (all boot-strapped). A serial entrepreneur, she is also a cashier-on-leave for Walmart. She believes communities are the frontline of health, that caregivers are our country’s greatest asset, and that we need to expand the definition of health to include life.

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