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Toward a Regenerative Future: The Role of Business in a Time of Crisis

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Monday, January 29, 2024

"The most important right we have is the right to be responsible" by Gerald Amos is the opening quote of Patagonia's latest book, The Future of the Responsible Company. While we are used to companies claiming to be sustainable, this book gives us a deep dive into the Patagonia's more humble and honest goal of being responsible to people and ecosystems while making a living. It is a fascinating story that charts a possible path for any business, large or small.
Join Bio4Climate as we focus on the growing awareness of whole systems impacts from soil regeneration, water usage and empowering local factories and businesses to treat employees better.

The Future of the Responsible Company is a short book with gorgeous photography and we encourage you to read the book or learn a bit about Patagonia at their website before the talk. Topics include: Life Cycle Analysis, circular economy, regenerative agriculture, B Corps and what it means to have "earth as a shareholder"

It is easy to vilify globalization and corporate America, but what would happen if the vast resources of the world economy turned towards eco restoration, fair trade and uplifting labor practices? Is it even possible? Come and judge for yourself. Join us January 29th to get a glimpse inside Patagonia's journey and to ask your questions of Mr. Stanley.

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Vincent Stanley is Patagonia’s Director of Philosophy and has been with the company on and off since its beginning in 1973, for many of those years in key roles as head of sales or marketing. More informally, he is Patagonia’s long-time chief storyteller.

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