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The Rise of China and American Power

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Duplicate Joseph Nye of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government draws upon the insights of his recent meetings with China's future leaders to examine the future of American relations with China. As China has become a more powerful player in the Pacific, how has it projected its strength? How have strategic alliances among its neighbors changed in response to China's growing economic and military might? What does the Obama administration's new emphasis on the Pacific mean for the future of American relations with China? Moderated by PRI's The World's Lisa Mullins."

Joseph S. Nye, Jr. is Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Kennedy School of Government. Nye has held numerous government positions serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense and Chair of the National Intelligence Council, as well as Deputy Under Secretary of State, and won distinguished service awards from all three agencies. He is a world-renowned authority on American power in the modern era whose work has influenced generations of scholars and policy-makers.
Lisa Mullins is the anchor and senior producer of The World. In addition to hosting from the Boston studios, Mullins has produced and reported from China, Albania, Italy, Mexico, and Northern Ireland. She anchored the program from Hong Kong when the territory was handed back to China in 1997. She also covered the Republican National Convention in San Diego in 1996 and anchored that year's presidential election coverage from Washington. Mullins brings to The World more than 20 years of experience in broadcast journalism. Her reports have aired on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," "All Things Considered," and "Performance Today." She co-produced "The Vegetable Chronicles," an award-winning series of public radio documentaries about diet and disease. For 6 years, she hosted the American broadcast of the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Day concert, performed in the Austrian capital. Public radio program directors across the United States have named Lisa Mullins one of the best announcers in the public radio system. She has received the bronze award for "Best Network Anchor" in the New York Festival's international radio competition, and Boston Magazine has honored her with its "Best Radio Voice" award. Her interview with the Episcopal bishop of Honduras, Leo Frade, won "The World" the Golden Reel Award in the category "National News and Public Affairs" from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.