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Russell Howze: Stencil Nation

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Russell Howze discusses his new book, *Stencil Nation*, and shows examples of the art he has collected over the years. *Stencil Nation* focuses on the mix of artists and gallery shows to reveal aspects of an intentionally secretive creative community. It Is a collection of photographs and essays curated by Howze, StencilArchive.org's founder. New artists, often utilizing stencil art in unconventional ways, are also featured.

Russell Howze is the author of Stencil Nation and the founder of StencilArchive.org. He saw his first stencil in 1990 in Clemson, SC. When he landed in San Francisco in 1997, he found dozens on the sidewalks of the Mission and Haight neighborhoods. He's never stopped photographing the sometimes temporary, always intriguing art form. He currently lives in San Francisco's Mission District. [Source: http://russell-howze-stencil-nation-4890984.cooga.net/]