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From Puritans to Catholics: Religion in Boston’s North End

"Puritans" and Others in 17th-Century Boston

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Join Paul Revere House for the first lecture of the Paul Revere House's 2023 Lowell Lecture Series. This 3-part series From Puritans to Catholics: Religion in Boston’s North End examines how shifts in religious traditions impacted cultural expression, demographics, political affiliations and economic status in the North End.

The key speaker is Professor David Hall, Bartlett Professor of New England Church History Emeritus at Harvard Divinity School.

Professor Hall shows how the diaries of people such as Samuel Sewall and Cotton Mather along with the notebooks of John Hull, help us understand how early Boston functioned. These sources illuminate how puritans led their lives and how others disputed or agreed with them as some groups, such as merchants, were more attuned to England than to any local heritage.

Presented in partnership with GBH, the Suffolk University History Department, Old North Illuminated, and the North End Historical Society, with funding from the Lowell Institute.

David Hall
David D. Hall has written widely about culture, politics, and religion in early New England. He is best known for Worlds of Wonder, Days of Judgment: Popular Religious Belief in 17th -Century New England (1989) and the more recent, The Puritans: A Transatlantic History (2019). He is Bartlett Professor Emeritus at Harvard Divinity School.

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