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Precious Phiri: Building Community During Confusion and Uncertainty

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Precious Phiri grew up in Zimbabwe and discusses her evolution as a trainer in Holistic Management and community facilitation. Her work focuses on working with rural communities and collaborating with networks in Africa to reduce poverty, rebuild soils, and restore food and water security for people, livestock and wildlife – and most recently, to address the corona virus. This talk is part of the Blessed Unrest conference hosted by Biodiversity for a Livable Climate. See more conference information [**here.**](http://https://bio4climate.org/blessed-unrest-program/) Image courtesy of Pixabay

Precious Phiri is a Training Coordinator for the Africa Centre for Holistic Management, a Zimbabwean organization where she works on initiatives related to environmental issues, water and natural resources management, food security, and desertification in rural Hwange Communal Lands in Northern Zimbabwe. She has experience in community mobilization, facilitation skills, monitoring and evaluation techniques, community capacity building, and is driven by a passion for evidence-based community development work that improves people’s lives.