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Pat Conroy on South of Broad

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pat Conroy, Southern literary icon, debuts his new novel, *South of Broad*, his first in 14 years. Conroy discusses his body of work and his life, alongside his wife and novelist, Cassandra King, and *Atlanta Magazine* Book Editor Teresa Weaver. Conroy's other books include *The Great Santini*, *The Lords of Discipline*, *Beach Music* and *The Prince of Tides*.

Pat Conroy was born on October 26, 1945, in Atlanta, Georgia, to a young career military officer from Chicago and a Southern beauty from Alabama, whom Pat often credits for his love of language. He was the first of seven children. *South of Broad*, Conroy’s fifth novel and ninth book, presents readers with a Conroy first: a totally lovable father for Leo Bloom King, the story's central figure. The book is not only a love letter to the city of Charleston; it is a celebration of lifelong friendship. Conroy currently lives in Fripp Island, South Carolina with his wife, the novelist Cassandra King.
Cassandra King is the writer of several books and essays. She has taught writing on the college level, conducted corporate writing seminars, and worked as a human interest reporter for a Pelham, Alabama, weekly paper.
Teresa Weaver is currently the book editor of Atlanta Magazine.