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Justice Stephen Breyer: Judicial Issues Today

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer engages in a discussion with NPR chief legal correspondent Nina Totenberg concerning the judicial issues facing the country today. Photo: By [Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States](http://www.supremecourthistory.org/02_history/subs_current/images_b/009.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1423056 ""), Steve Petteway

Stephen Breyer, born in San Francisco in 1938, is a graduate of Stanford, Oxford, and Harvard Law School. He taught law for many years at Harvard and has also worked as a Supreme Court law clerk, a Justice Department lawyer, an Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor, and Chief Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In 1990 he was appointed an appellate court judge by President Carter. In 1994 he was appointed a Supreme Court Justice by President Clinton.
Nina Totenberg is NPR's award-winning legal affairs correspondent. Her reports air regularly on NPR's critically acclaimed newsmagazines *All Things Considered*, *Morning Edition*, and *Weekend Edition*. Totenberg was named Broadcaster of the Year and honored with the 1998 Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcasting from the National Press Foundation. She is the first radio journalist to receive the award. She is also the recipient of the American Judicature Society's first-ever award honoring a career body of work in the field of journalism and the law. In 1988, Totenberg won the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Silver Baton for her coverage of Supreme Court nominations. Totenberg has been honored seven times by the American Bar Association for continued excellence in legal reporting and has received a number of honorary degrees. A frequent contributor to major newspapers and periodicals, she has published articles in *The New York Times Magazine*, *The Harvard Law Review*, *The Christian Science Monitor*, *Parade Magazine*, *New York Magazine*, and others. Before joining NPR in 1975, Totenberg served as Washington editor of *New Times Magazine*, and before that she was the legal affairs correspondent for *the National Observer*.