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Janot Mendler De Suarez: Haiti’s “Green Pearl” Initiative

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Janot Mendler De Suarez describes the community-driven “Green Pearl” initiative that aspires to transform Haiti from one of the poorest, most insecure and degraded countries in the world to a flourishing mosaic of Green Pearls. At the same time charting a new path for the humanitarian sector, rooted in the power of humanity to turn vicious cycles into virtuous cycles, all through people-centered creativity and community engagement. The new bottom line? Restoring and even enhancing the productive function of healthy resilient ecosystems. De Suarez's talk is part of the **[Blessed Unrest conference](https://bio4climate.org/blessed-unrest-program/)** featuring speakers around the world offering a variety of practical solutions from nature. Image: Pixabay

Janot Mendler de Suarez is a founding member of the Pardee Center Task Force, [Games for a New Climate](http://www.bu.edu/pardee/research/task-force-meeting-and-gaming-session-games-for-a-new-climate/) , serves on the Council of Advisors for the Collaborative Institute on Oceans Climate and Security at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and chairs the Global Oceans Forum Working Group on Oceans and Climate. Mendler de Suarez was instrumental in the design, testing and development of the GEF International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network, or GEF-IW:LEARN.