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Filmmakers' Youth and Diversity Panel

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

After a screening of *Urban Youth/HIV Project* at the 2007 Provincetown International Film Festival, young filmmakers discuss "diversity".

Todd Sills worked in Production on TV shows such as *The 2008 Teen Choice Awards* and *America United: In Support of Our Troops* and the movie *Red Without Blue*.
N. Bird Runningwater is the programmer for Native American Initiatives at the Sundance Institute and the Sundance Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. Before joining the Sundance Institute, Runningwater was based in New York City and served as executive director of the Fund of the Four Directions, the private philanthropy of a Rockefeller family member. Prior to joining the Fund, Runningwater served as program associate in the Ford Foundation's Media, Arts and Culture Program. He is a recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation's National Fellowship in Public Policy and International Affairs and an alumnus of Americans for Indian Opportunity's Ambassadors Program and the Kellogg Fellows Program.