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Filming JFK

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Thom Powers, documentary film professor at New York University, talks about the career of political documentarian Bob Drew. In the course of a long, distinguished career following his service in World War II as one of the first American jet fighter pilots, Bob Drew worked for *Life* magazine, and while working with *Life*, came up with the idea of doing documentaries. He produced a number of documentaries, including *Primary*, which follows JFK and Hubert Humphrey during the Wisconsin primary, about a week of campaigning leading up to the primary election night. **Thom Powers** teaches documentary filmmaking at New York University and is a freelance writer for *The Boston Globe* and other publications. He has been an editor for Fantagraphics books, as well as a researcher on a number of documentaries. He is currently writing a book about documentaries entitled, *Stranger than Fiction* that will be published by Farrar Strauss.