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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Living Through Legacies Project brings together older citizens from the McGregor Home in East Cleveland and the Fairfax neighborhood with students from Case Western Reserve University. Generations come together and the histories of the seniors are recorded. This week Regionally Speaking brings together the founder of the program David Harris along with an interviewer and interviewee who participated in the Living Through Legacies Project.

Harry Winfield, Fairfax neighborhood resident
Danielle Price, Antioch Development Corporation in Fairfax, CWRU student biographer
Gladys Haddad is Professor of American Studies at Case Western Reserve University and the founder and director of the Western Reserve Studies Symposia, an annual event now in its twentieth year that offers a forum and WEB site for the study of the history and culture of a distinctive northeastern Ohio region. She earned a B.A., Allegheny College, B.F.A., Lake Erie College, M.A. and Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University. She is professor of American Studies emerita at Lake Erie College where she was academic dean and executive assistant to the President. A historian and regionalist her scholarship is centered in Ohio's Western Reserve. She has published on the history, literature, and art of the region. She is the author of Ohio's Western Reserve: A Regional Reader, Anthology of Western Reserve Literature and Laukhuff's Book Store: Cleveland's Literary and Artistic Landmark: An Epilogue. She is the editor of Western Reserve Studies: A Journal of Regional History and Culture and Western Reserve Studies Symposia Papers. She is the Project Archivist, Researcher and Author of the CASE website "Selected Philanthropic Families of Case Western Reserve University."
David Harris, Founder of Living Through Legacies Project