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Chinese Democracy In Crisis

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Protests in Hong Kong have escalated over the summer of 2019 with pro-Democracy demonstrators galvanized in response to the Chinese government’s crackdown. Cambridge Forum examines the situation both inside and outside mainland China with regard to human rights.Teng Biao, is a human rights lawyer attached to the U.S.-Asia Law Institute, at NYU and he is joined by Uyghur-American Salih Hudayar and activist Kyle Olbert, who discusses the challenges facing both the Chinese Communist party and the ethnic minorities who resist the Chinese policy of oppression which they say is being carried out under the guise of “counter-terrorism”. Image: [Voice of America](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Protesters_waving_the_Hong_Kong_colonial_flag_in_front_of_China_liaison_office_in_Hong_Kong_02.jpg)

Dr. Teng Biao is an academic lawyer and a human rights activist. He was formerly a Lecturer in the China University of Political Science and Law, a visiting Fellow at Harvard Law Schoo, Yale Law School, and the Chinese University of Hongkong. Since 2003, Teng has provided counsel in numerous other human rights cases, including those of rural rights advocate Chen Guangcheng, rights defender Hu Jia, the religious freedom case of Falungong, and numerous death penalty cases. He co-founded “Open Constitution Initiative” (Gongmeng) and also the founder and President of China Against the Death Penalty, Beijing. His research interest includes human rights, Constitutionalism, criminal justice, legal theory, democratic theory, transitional justice and social movement. While at the Carr Center, he will write a book on the human rights movement and political transition in China. Some of his articles and Op-eds (in English and Chinese):
Mr. Olbert is an IT professional-turned-political & human rights activist who spends his free time researching issues related to China’s oppression in/of East Turkistan, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southern Mongolia, and Manchuria. His particular areas of interest include repression of Turkic ethnic groups, militarization of Occupied territories in Western China and of the South China Sea, and other issues related to global security.
Originally from East Turkistan, Mr. Hudayar is a Uyghur American business consultant-turned-political & human rights activist who founded ETNAM in July 2017; he also serves as the Ambassador to the United States for the East Turkistan Government in Exile and is pursuing a Masters in National Security Studies at the American Military University.