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Boston Unbound: Challenges for the 21st Century

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Sunday, January 04, 2004
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In this lecture, journalists Neal Pierce and Curtis Johnson tackle one question: What are the Boston region's most critical challenges for the 21st Century? Pierce and Johnson provide an overview of their findings here and take audience questions. Hired by The Boston Foundation commissioned journalists Neal Pierce and Curtis Johnson to take an independent look at that question. Authors of the book Citistates and principals of The Citistates Group, Pierce and Johnson have written reports for newspapers on the strategic issues facing 21 other US regions over the past 17 years. To prepare for this report, they interviewed more than 300 Boston area opinion leaders and observers, ranging from government to universities, businesses to advocacy groups.

Paul Grogan is the president and chief executive officer of the Boston Foundation. Previously, Paul served as vice president for Government, Community and Public Affairs at Harvard University, where he oversaw all government relations for Harvard, relations with Harvard's host communities of Cambridge and Boston, and the Harvard news office. He was also a Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, Paul also created a new national organization, CEOs for Cities, comprised of large city mayors, business leaders, university presidents and foundation executives. Paul has also served as President and CEO of the nonprofit Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the nation's largest community development intermediary. During his term as president, LISC raised and invested more than $3 billion of private capital in inner-city revitalization efforts across America, channeled through local nonprofit community development corporations. He is a trustee of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, founder and a director of the for-profit company, the Community Development Trust, and a director of New Profit, Inc.
Neal Pierce is an American writer and journalist specializing in metropolitan regions, their political and economic dynamics, and their emerging national and global roles.

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