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Bob Schieffer's America

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Monday, September 29, 2008

CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer discusses his new book, *Bob Schieffer's America*, a collection of 168 essays on the hard issues of the day to the human stories that show who we are; from politics, presidents, and tragedy to the things that touch us, make us laugh, or reveal the small shifts in our culture.

Bob Schieffer is the former anchor and moderator of *Face the Nation*, CBS News' Sunday public affairs broadcast. He has also served as CBS News' chief Washington correspondent. Schieffer has covered Washington for CBS News for more than 40 years and is one of the few broadcast or print journalists to have covered all four major beats in the nation's capital - the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and Capitol Hill. He was chief Washington correspondent beginning in 1982, congressional correspondent in 1989, has covered every presidential campaign and has been a floor reporter at all of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions since 1972. In 2004, he was chosen as moderator for the third presidential debate. A member of the Broadcasting/Cable Hall of Fame, Schieffer was named the 2003 recipient of the Paul White Award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association. Schieffer joined CBS News in 1969 and, after a brief stint as a general assignment reporter, was named Pentagon correspondent, a post he held for four years. Before joining CBS News, he was a reporter at *the Fort Worth Star-Telegram* and, in 1965, became the first reporter from a Texas newspaper to report from Vietnam. Schieffer later became news anchor at WBAP-TV Dallas/Fort Worth, a post that eventually led to his joining CBS News. The author of three books, Schieffer's most recent book is *Face the Nation: My Favorite Stories from the First 50 Years of the Award Winning News Broadcast*. He is also author of the 2003 *New York Times* bestseller, *This Just In: What I Couldn't Tell You On TV, and Acting President*, published in 1989. Shieffer's latest book is [\_Overload: Finding the Truth in Today’s Deluge of News\_](https://www.amazon.com/Overload-Finding-Truth-Todays-Deluge/dp/153810721X "") (2017).